“The letters of  ‘花樣年華’ literally mean flower, shape, year, shining.
First two letters together means ‘like a flower’
And the next two letters mean ‘a period of time’
So a ‘blooming period of time,’ it means the most beautiful period of time in your life.
I like how the phrase starts and ends with the same letter “hwa”
starts with a flower and ends with shining.

‘花樣年華’ can be our youth,
Or maybe a period of time where something big happens.
If you know and feel this moment truthfully with the heart,
and you’re ready to accept the moment,
then from the time when you’re born, your entire life can be beautiful.

If someone doesn’t know, then their life is never beautiful no matter how rich, how famous, or how successful they are.
So when we talk about the most beautiful moment in life, maybe you can think about  our own beautiful moments again.
I mean, it’s a transition period for many people right?
So many young people are suffering;
Trying to get a job, or like in my lyrics,we’re giving up a lot of things.
But even in that transition period, you can think that happiness is not something that you have to achieve.
You can still feel happy during the process of achieving something.
So if you change the perspective a little bit, I know many people are going through tough times right now.

But this moment can be the most beautiful moment of our lives.
So if you guys can feel the most beautiful moment in life, I’m sure form this moment till we die, out entire life will be beautiful.
Something can be beautiful because there’s something horrible.
If you can accept that those hard times are part of beautiful moments in life,
I think you can truly understand Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa.”
BTS Kim NamJoon (Rap Monster)

Rap Monster may be an idol but he is one of the brightest idols I have ever come across. He has been through so much for someone his age, and it’s no wonder his lyrics are so deep and has so much feeling behind them. I hope Namjoon can continue being an amazing leader for BTS, while living his dreams for a long long time.



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