Day three of birthday celebrations

After class today I went straight to Yi Cheng’s house.
We didn’t do much, all we did was eat ramen, then take a 2 hour nap.
This is what 23 year olds do during hangouts lol.
Yi Cheng sleeps with 3 blankets while covering most of her face…
So weird.

Elaine and Candy made me a Sashimi cake!

Thank you Cheng Sisters<3 I love you guys so much!
I feel so thankful for Candy. I didn’t expect much today cause Elaine was sick so we decided not go out which meant we couldn’t get the ingredients for the cake, but Candy snuck out and got it for us.
I’ve never had an older sibling, so I feel super loved by Candy.

Hehe she’s so cute ^_^



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