Happy 3 year debut anniversary! 

I’ve followed BTS since their debut so I’ve not only seen how they physically and mentally grown but also how their music has evolved as they experienced more in life. I have nothing but love and respect for each member and everything they bring into the group.

To our oldest, Kim Seokjin:
Thank you for always taking care of the members. No matter how small the gesture, I can always feel how much you treasure Bangtan. I know it’s been hard for you since debut, being compared to the younger members, vocally. But it’s true you don’t sing like Jimin or Jongkook because you’re Jin. You have your own voice and talents. In the beginning you had very little lines but now you share lines with the others which makes me really proud.
Also, I know you are an awkward person, because I am one as well. but you never fail to amaze me on how well you keep up with Bangtan’s difficult dance moves. Don’t let the member’s words of saying you’re a bad dancer get to you, because you’re doing great.

To our grandpa, Min Yoongi,
Thank you for caring about your ARMY and Bangtan. Even though you give off this ‘I don’t care’ demeanor, I know inside you care for your members. You would secretly give your members food when their plate is empty, you would give the younger members a comforting pat on the back when you feel like they are upset. You maybe the least active one on sns but when you do post something on fancafe, you are speaking out of love to ARMYs. Also, sorry you got tricked into such a dance heavy choreography group when Bang PD said you wouldn’t have to do much dancing lol.

To our hope, Jung Hoseok:
Thank you for always being Bangtan’s and ARMY’s ray of sunshine. Being the mood maker in the group must take a toll on you, especially while living the idol life. But you always have a smile on your face and when you see a member sad or upset, you’re always there to comfort them. For this I am thankful. Please continue to be happy. The first person who takes that smile away from you will have to deal with me and the rest of the ARMYs.
Also, I know before you debuted you concentrated on dancing but when Yoongi and Namjoon came you worked super hard to learn to rap and try to match their rapping skills. I’m not a professional rapper, but you have definitely made yourself a name as one of Bangtan’s rappers. Don’t you ever forget that you are just as important as any member in the group.

To our leader, Kim Namjoon:
Thank you for being Bangtan’s trustworthy leader. Since you are in the prime of your life, it must be tough being responsible for 6 other people. Normally, people your age would be out having fun with their friends, being rebellious, and going to school. But in order to live your dreams you had to throw away all of that and grow up fast. So thank you, for giving us your youth. I can relate most to “the most beautiful moment in life” because as you guys are going through your “most beautiful moment in life”, I am as well. So I feel thankful for being able to share my “most beautiful moment in life” with you guys while you guys are sharing your “most beautiful moment in life” with ARMYs. Also, you are RAP Monsta not DANCE Monsta (LOL) so I’m very proud of you for being able to put in the practice and dance as well as you can now.

To our precious, Park Jimin:
Thank you for always thinking about the members before yourself. When something troubling happens to a member, like during MAMAs when RM was under fire on twitter, while everyone was enjoying Big Bang’s performance, you sat next to RM with a straigh face in hopes to comfort your hyung (even though you are a huge BB fan). You always make sure to compliment the members; telling V the songs he made are good. Thank you for always being considerate of the other members. The story of how you cried when someone said to give you the in-ear because they said to give it to the person who needs it most, really made me melt and I wanted to punch the person who made my ball of fluff cry! You’re an amazing singer and all around artist.

To our alien, Kim Taehyung:
Thank you for keeping things interesting. A quote that RM once said “I don’t know if he is a genius or an idiot” really stuck out to me about you. Because you are so unpredictable, you keep things lively within Bangtan, and keep us ARMY’s on our toes. Be it causing trouble with your best friend Jimin or working hard to become part of dance line with Hoseok, you are the genius idiot that Bangtan needs. The first time I was really attracted to your voice was when you did a cover of Hug Me. After that I started to appreciate your producing skills when I fell in love with Hold Me Tight. I hope you will continue to make songs for me and ARMYs to fall in love with so that other people can learn of your amazing talents.  Also, I LOVE YOUR EYE SMILE. Please don’t let anyone take that away.

To our youngest, Jeon Jungkook:
Thank you for dealing with the heavy load that comes with the title ‘golden maknae.’ I remember before debut you were so scared of your hyungs that you would hide in your room and wait for them to go to sleep before showering. Now you are terrorizing them and being the maknae on top. Everyone calls you the golden maknae because you sing and dance well, but everyone kinda ignore the fact that you worked hard to get to the skill level that you’re at now. Being a perfectionist makes you want to practice until dawn in order to get a dance move right or singing until you can’t sing anymore because you think you can always do better. Not only do you work hard on yourself, you always make sure to let your hyungs know they are doing a good job too, even though they don’t have the confident to believe so. Also, with the recent events that happened on Flower Crew, I found out how protective I am of you. I was so enraged when I found out they didn’t eat your burgers! I just want to protect you and shield you from those people who hate on your success!! Don’t let anyone bring you down, your hyungs and ARMYs will always be here to support you!

This is why I can’t pick a bias in Bangtan… cause all of them are so amazing!
Happy 3 years boys, heres to many more years.




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