Vegas Day 1

Shelley picked me up at around 9am to go to her house and we both needed to go to the bank so we chilled at her house watching dramas while waiting for the bank to open. After the bank we waited for Shelley’s cousin to pick us up cause she was going to take us to the airport. But first they had to go YumCha with heir grandma.

Seeing Shelley and her cousin being such good granddaughters and taking their grandma to yumcha even though no one asked them to, really opened up my eyes. I was touched.

After yumcha we were dropped off at the airport at around 12 which meant we had about 5 hours to kill until we could board. The reason why we had to get dropped off by someone else is cause the family van only fits 8. We had 9 people including a baby; everyone had one luggage and we also had the stroller and the car seat. So there was no room for us. But it was all good cause we spend the whole time catching up on each other’s lives. Being busy with jobs makes seeing each other less of a common thing nowadays.

When my family finally arrived at the airport and we waited for the permission to board. With a delay of 15 minutes, we finally got on the plane at around 5:05 instead of 4:50.

Before the trip I was super worried about Kaylee on the plane cause I didn’t want to be THAT family with the crying baby. But to everyone’s surprise she was really good, with the exceptions of a few yells of excitement.

When we finally arrived I could feel the heat from the airport. Shelley my brother and I took a taxi to the hotel while the rest of my family got a rental car.

My aunt usually stays at Planet Hollywood but this time we stayed at Ceaser’s Palace hotel.

After checking in and dropping off our luggages we are at a diner in the hotel. By this time it was around 9pm and everyone was tired and hungry.

After dinner we went back to our rooms and Shelley took a nap while I read my Harry Potter and the cursed child book. As it got near 1am my coworker texts me and asks me where I am. When I say Vegas he asked me which hotel cause he was also here. What a small world. In the end we decided to meet up and get drinks at the Cosmopolitan hotel.

There was this drink that Shelley’s cousin introduced to us called Verbena cocktail which had a flower in it. We were told to chew the flower and then drink. I REALLY don’t know how to explain the effects the drink had on my tounge so I tired to the Internet: “First, your salivary glands activate. Then your tongue begins to tingle. That tingle turns to a prickle, and suddenly your whole mouth is numb. An icy sip of verbena scented margarita accentuates the experience.”

Then we split up after drinks and having Popeyes and ended up not getting back to our hotel till 4am. Shelley and I crashed right when we got back, not even bothing to shower.



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