Vegas Day 2

Day 2 started out just chilling in the hotel room watching my cousin while my aunt and uncle when to gamble and enjoy time by themselves. At around noon we had the buffet at our hotel, which was about $50 per person, so we had to eat our worth.

We were sooo full after lunch, Shelley and I decided to go to the pool and just chill and tan.

After the pool my brother joined us and we went out to the strip to look for M&M world.

After our walk Shelley& I went to the Venetian hotel for Sushi and Romanian fusion food. I absolutely LOVE the fake blue sky at this hotel. It’s so beautiful, especially with all the lights.

The reason I’m wearing sunglasses indoors is cause I was wearing my contacts and I don’t like the way I look without my glasses.

We went to SushiSamba

Seared Wagyu Beef

Huancaina Fries

Ribeye Anticuchos

After dinner we had Tiramisu and Cappuccino Gelato which definitely made walking back to the hotel in the warm night more bearable. 



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