Vegas Day 3

The first half of the day was spent in bed, sleeping, reading, talking. I think the walking and the heat from the past two days was finally getting to me.
The hotel bed wasn’t extremely big but they had a ton of pillows so we put it between us. And legit we couldn’t see of feel each other cause the pillows were so big and tall.

Today was actually a full day spent with my family. We went to Shake Shack, note that they are only located in NY Chicago and LV, so we HAD to try it. 

The burger was AMAZING, I got the Shack Stack with the mushroom. I also got the cheese fries, which was alright cause I wasn’t a fan of that style of fries. I also got the chocolate cookies and cream shake, but I think the extra chocolate was too much so the shake was too sweet. I wish I would have gotten a vanilla or a normal chocolate shake. I can’t really say that Shake Shack is better than In and Out cause I like the In and Out fries more. But I can definitely see the attraction to Shake Shack.

We went to outlets after lunch and didn’t get anything fancy. But since Hot Topic is dying out in SF, I picked up some things to feed my inner nerd; Tina water bottle and a Marauder’s Map puzzle

After going to the outlets we went our separate ways cause my aunt and uncle had to have dinner with her friends so Shelley and I went back to Venetian to have dinner at a semi fancy Italian place called Otto. I got the black spaghetti while Shelly got the spaghetti and meatball. #basic  

After dinner we walked around looking for an ice cream place that we said we would go before dinner but it took us almost an hour to find it. But we ended up finding it and it was next to the place to get my FIRST fat tuesday. 

The rest of the night was spent walking around and just taking pictures and enjoying the last warm night in Vegas.



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