Dear Min Yoongi,

You’ve made your debut as Agust D for almost a week now and honestly I’ve listened to your tracks everyday. I constantly read your lyrics as you rap in hopes of understanding you better, even if it’s just a little bit. The song that got me to learn more about you and that hit me the hardest was “The Last.” There’s so much pain and hardship in not only the lyrics but the way you deliver your words, that it allows me to feel a fraction of the pain you must have felt, or is still feeling. You coming out to talk about your social phobia, that no one knew about, I’m sure wasn’t easy for you.

You’ve worked so hard just to be where you are; working for companies to make music in Daegu and getting paid nothing after you minus’ your life expense, working part time jobs while juggling school, moving to a new city with nothing but a dream. In the end I’m glad you found your way to Bighit and was able to start your career.

I know you have been working on your mixtape for a long time and you didn’t want anyone to know in advance. But because you love your fans so much and you couldn’t keep your excitement in, you let the cat out of the bag early. You must have been so worried, but don’t, cause the reactions to your mixtape has been nothing but praise and support.

I have so many words to say to you but nothing I type out seems to show how much you’ve effected me. If I could meet you one day I would tell you how proud I am of you and that even with all your fears, pain and suffering, I will continue to love and support you.

So thank you… for living your dreams, and in turn allowing me to not feel so alone as I’m conquering mine.



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