Day 1 in LA

Ever since Elaine got really into Harry Potter, we have talked about going to the new Harry Potter world in LA. So one day we kinda just set a day and ordered the park tickets, hotel, and plane tickets. After all that planning, the special day has arrived.

Elaine’s dad came to pick me up at around 6:30AM cause our check in time was 8:30AM. When we got to the airport her dad was telling us to be careful and all that and he gave his daughter a hug and he leaned in and I thought he was going to give me a hug too so I leaned in but he ended up sticking his hand out lol. Typical Asian dad.

After printing out our boarding pass and going through TSA we still had almost an hour of free time so we sat near our gate drank coffee and watched kpop MVs.

It was both our first time riding Virgin America so we were excited, and we had to right to be cause the plane was so nice. And of course we had to get the window and middle seat to take aesthetic picture of the outside.

When we got to LA we took uber to our hotel and after unloading everything we went straight to the park. Universal is less than 5 minutes away from our hotel and there was a special shuttle that took us there, so it was super convenient.

The first thing we did when we got there was go straight to Harry Potter world. And let me just say, even though it was small, it was definitely the most magical place I’ve ever been to. Disneyland can’t even compare to this. We went into every store just looking at everything little thing. The detail in every corner was amazing and it really made me feel like I was in the wizarding world.

My favorite building without a doubt is the Hogwarts castle. It’s beautiful inside AND out.  

The main attraction was inside the castle and it was a 4D ride which makes you feel like you’re flying with Harry while on an adventure. While in line, you get to see bits and pieces of what was shown in the movie, like Dumbledore’s office, the house points, the screaming lady door, moving pictures, classrooms. It was all very overwhelming, but in a good way. The ride had so many turns and movements that it gave Elaine and I a headache, and it didn’t help that we both hadn’t eaten.

And you can’t go to HP land without getting some butter beer. There was two choices of iced and non iced but we read that iced tasted better and it didn’t fail to amaze us.
It was SOOO good. 

After an hour or two we decided to explore the rest of the park. We went into the simpson’s world to have lunch, and ride their 4D ride.

Then we rode Shrek’s 4D ride. 

Then we went to the Minion ride, which had a long wait but was the least worth it. Even thought it had the cutest merch.

Then we just walked around the park planning for day two and looked through the different gift shops.

In the end we decided to get wants from Ollivanders.
I got Hermione’s while Elaine got Draco’s.
I was deciding between Hermione and Ginny’s but Hermione’s had the better design.

What a magical day it was today.



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