Day 2 in LA

We woke up early today because we found out that we had early access to the park so we decided to go to HP world earlier to take some pictures without so many people around. Of course I had to rep my house with my Ravenclaw socks. (even though no one got to see them… it’s the thought that counts)

Another reason we decided to go earlier is cause yesterday, when we tried to grab lunch at the three broomsticks, it was PACKED, like line out the door.
I got the traditional English Breakfast and it was pretty bomb and very filling.

After breakfast, we decided to walk around again, just to make sure we got to see every little thing.

Even the ATMs and bathrooms are themed or have a reference to HP, which I think is why it felt so magical. It made us believe that we were out of our world and into one where we’ve only read in books or seen in movies. 

We left the park at around 10AM and decided to have ice cream back at simson’s area. The ice cream started to melt as soon as it got in my hand. I’m not sure if it was the machine or the hot weather.

We went to watch the Animal Actor show. At first I wasn’t too sure about a show where it forced animals to do ticks but then I found out that they were all rescued animals treated with care. Most, if not all, animals have been in movies before, which was pretty cool cause they made it seem like each animal had their own personality.

After the show we walked around some more and decided to go to the lower lot where all the older rides were. 

First went on the Mummy ride, which was short but intense.
Then we went on a water ride, which was my favorite in the part of the park cause I just automatically love water rides.
After that we went to the Transformer ride, and I swear it gave me whiplash.

Then we decided to to go back up to HP world just to see if it wasn’t too crowded to have lunch at the Three Broomsticks cause we read that the lunch menu was the best. But to our surprise, it wasn’t too busy.
I had the Mash and Bangers. Which was just as good as the breakfast.

After lunch we went on the studio tour, which was relaxing and informative.

Since we got to the park yesterday, we were debating whether or not to get our house cloaks. We kept trying them on whenever we saw them in the shops. The only thing that was stopping us was the price. $120 plus tax for something we can’t wear often kinda made use feel like it wasn’t worth it. (But we ended up getting them at the end of the day)
They even have cool little pockets to put our wands!

After going around HP world one last time to soak up every bit of magic and going on the HP 4D ride one last time, we ended up leaving at around 6PM. Ending our 2 day magical adventure.

This definitely made us want… no NEED to go to the HP world in Orlando.

We finished the night by going back to our hotel and getting room service cause we were just too tired to go out.



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