My mid mid life crisis.

When I was in my third year of college, I was more lost than ever. They say that by the time you’re in your second year, you should have figured out what you want to major in so that in your third year, you can start taking your major classes. For me, I kinda panicked and when I panic I make bad decisions. Towards the end of my second year I had no idea what I wanted to do so I just did international business because that was the safest thing to choose. So in my third year I picked classes for that major, which included economy and accounting. I later figured out that neither of those subjects where my thing and I ended up failing both those classes. I was beyond stressed and decided that I would start over and try to find another major, but literally NOTHING seemed to interest me.
Then one day, I was strolling through my twitter and there was this girl I follow for BAP fan taken pictures and she was complaining about work. I got curious so I clicked on her profile and it turned out that she was actually an English teacher in South Korea. I never heard of such a job and had only heard about studying abroad, which my grades never allowed me to do. So I decided to search more about it online and it turns out the criteria for teaching there was simple. 1. you had to be a US citizen: Check 2. you have to have a B.A in ANY major. Then I thought, all I had to do was graduate with SOMETHING and I could teach. I failed to mention that I had a Chinese minor at the time, so I told this one girl, that I was particularly close to in my Chinese class, of the job and she suggested that I just be a Chinese major because since I finished all my minor classes, I was already half way there to be a Chinese major. It didn’t take me much time to jump ship.

Skipping 2 years. I had finally graduated with a Chinese language major and had submitted all my forms for EPIK, did my interview and I even went as far as getting accepted. The next part was what screwed me over. FBI background checks take about 3 months to process. My deadline to send all my documents over to Korea was July 4th. My background check didn’t come in until around July 10th. I had completely missed my deadline and all the work that I did was gone. I was really sad for awhile, first blaming my recruiter for not reminding me and pushing me for my documents. But later I realized that I’m an adult now and I need to better manage my time and keeping myself on track. After a few weeks of moping around and what not, I emailed my recruiter and asked when the next application date was, which she said was in October.

I ended up getting another job on top of my cafe one. I spent most of August traveling with my friends and family. And today I had my interview for another job at an after school program. I’m pretty much trying to save up money again cause I ended up blowing a lot of money on my trips cause I kept thinking “I’m not going to Korea anytime soon anyway”

But I’m going to try my best to keep my head up and learn from my mistakes. Cause honestly theres no point in blaming other people or putting myself down over something I can’t change anymore.



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