First week

I finally made it through my first week of work at PACE, an after school program that specializes in teaching students Chinese. I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday as an assistant teacher, teaching kindergarteners to 5th graders. Even though it was only my first week, I feel like I’ve learned a lot just by watching my teachers. But at the same time, it has made me question if I really can go to Korea and teach English to a bunch of kids who 1. know little to no English 2. might not have the motivation to learn the language and see no point. (which is what I face with these kids while teaching them Chinese).
I recently sent my application to EPIK and is now waiting to see when they want to set up my interview. I sent everything early this time so there shouldn’t be a problem.
^I took this on my way to work while passing by my school. I wonder what happened… did they accidentally drop all their chalk or is there some kind of modern artist in the making? I hope it’s the lather.



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