A.P.G fam

It’s been a long time since we’ve gathered at this house since we have been busy with jobs and what not. It really has rendered us from just chilling and talking. But tonight was kinda like a blast to the past. Back in high school we would meet up at our friends house every Friday and just do nothing. Well mostly the guys wanted to play MJ but the rest of us would just talk about our week, since most of us didn’t go to the same high schools.

Except this time we talk about different things and different worries. The troubles we had then mean nothing to us now. Now that we have a little taste of the real world, we talk about look for jobs, or finding significant others on dating sites and adult things… whatever that is. It’s just funny how it’s the all the same people but different cercomstances.

I love that I’m able to grow up with the same people because we get to see how each other branch out into the world

Here’s to my second fam ❤️
Love you guys to the moon and back.

092416 @2AM


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