Harry Potter Concert

To continue our Harry Potter high, about a month ago Elaine and I bought tickets for the Harry Potter screening of the Sorcerer’s Stone with a live orchestra. But this time Elaine’s boyfriend will be joining us. So we bought the 2:30 show and decide to have lunch at San Jose (where the concert was held). It just so happens that next week is Elaine’s boyfriend’s birthday and since Elaine will be in Hawaii, we decided to celebrate with lunch. We secretly asked his best friend to come too.

So today they came to pick me up at around 11 and we headed to SJ. On our way there he asked us where we were going so we told him that I picked out a gaming place called AFK where we could eat and play different games. He then asked if it was ok if he could ask his best friend to come. I saw the panic in Elaine’s eyes since it wouldn’t be nice of her to say no to HIS best friend. So without a thought I quickly said NO and I was sure he was taken back by my forwardness. I felt so bad cause I knew he was upset, but I figured the surprise would be all the better later.

We arrived that the gaming place and his best friend had actually came before us so he surprised us as we were getting a table. In the end he was more than happy to play Smash Bros with his best friend. After awhile our other friend joined us too so we ate, had drinks and played many rounds of Mario Kart and Smash bros.

When it reached around 2:20 we paid and said our goodbyes to the two friends and the three of us headed to the symphony. I’m not clear on when it started but somewhere along the way I had developed a headache and it made enjoying the concert/movie a little difficult. But I tired my best, and since I hadn’t seen the first movie in a long time, it wasn’t hard to get back into the magic of things. The orchestra playing the main theme song definitely helped.

At the end of the concert/movie we walked out to the front to take a picture with the main sign and saw a bunch of Harry Potter costplayers. This made me feel very happy to think that even though the movie and books have been over for years, that people of all generations are still enjoying the franchise that I grew up with. And of course we had to put our $150 robes to use. So we went full out and bought the tie from etsy and dressed up like Ravenclaw Hogwart students.

After, I really wanted to try this ice cream place called Milk and Woods. And I’m super glad that we did cause it was amazing! Mine was the top one which was oreo ice cream with while chocolate drizzle and chocolate chips. And on the bottom is Elaine’s boyfriend’s which was thai tea ice cream with while chocolate drizzle and peanut butter crunch. 

We were feeling kind of hungry after so he started driving without telling us where we were going. So when we turned into a plaza with a bunch of restaurants, I finally asked and he said Denny’s. Now I’ve never been to Denny’s so I was excited to try their breakfast food. And the Elaine said we’re going to Pho Hua and I thought she was joking cause of the name. Then we walked towards the place called Pho Hua and thats when it dawned on me that we were actually having pho… you can imagine my disappointment.

But overall it was a good day despite my headache that lasted till the end of dinner. It was not until I took a nap in the car on our way home that I started to feel better.



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