EPIK Interview #2

Tonight I did my interview for EPIK and I feel so nervous. The guy who interviewed me didn’t seem nice, like he never smiled. And he said this one thing that made me really worry. Which was “you seem reserved and shy, so right now I’m worrying about that.” I tried to play it cool by saying I’m different when it comes to being in front of a class but I don’t think he bought it. And then he asked me about what I knew about Korean culture so I told him what I knew which was the hierarchy stuff and chuseok and hanboks but he didn’t seem satisfied with my answer. So then he read that I went to Korea for three weeks and he was like you should have said that. And I was like… how was I suppose to know?! Overall I think the interview went worse than last time. The other lady seemed nicer and seemed like she actually cared about my answers cause she asked follow up questions after my answer. But this guy never said anything after I answered or he wouldn’t acknowledge my answer and just ask his next question.

The interview results come out in 2-3 days so depending on that my next step is either; get my finger prints for my background check (cause the previous one expired… good thing I checked again or else I would have missed my deadline again) OR if i don’t get it… I’ll have to give up this dream cause it justwasn’t meant to be…



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