Wizarding World Lootcrate

I was subscribed to the regular lootcrate for all of 2015 but I stopped my boxes after I stopped getting stuff I liked. Anyway, since I am still technically a member, they still send me emails from time to time and you could imagine my excitement when they said they were started the Wizarding World Loot crate. I really didn’t hesitate to buy the yearly subscription. I was a little bummed that it only comes every other month, compared to the regular one which was every month. But the items that I got in my first box really made up for it.

So I Just go my first box in the mail today. I think it came earlier than expected. And since this is the month when Fantastic Beast comes out, I was definitely expecting a lot of merch from that movie.
The box was the same as the regular loot crate, except it says “J.K Rowling Wizarding World.” ANNNDDD this is super cool cause it has a sticker that says “muggle worth” which is what Newt turned on so that when the muggle inspecting his briefcase wouldn’t see his magical creatures.

1. A Fantastic Beast T-shirt
2. A Pigwidgeon plush
3. A Newt Pop! figurine
4. A Bowtruckle pin
5. A Hedwig/ Letter keychain
6. A MACUSA notebook.

There was quite a bit of items in the box and the cost was definitely less than the worth of everything put together. I can’t wait for January’s box!!



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