Cafe Hana Reunion

It’s been awhile since I’ve stopped working at the cafe, and even though I see the Saturday crew every week, it still feels like I don’t see them enough. During the say I worked at Debbie’s moms and then we waited for the cafe people to get off. Debbie and Kyle who left for Socal for college came back for winter break. And it wouldn’t be a Cafe Hana reunion if we didn’t go to our usual sabu place on Geary lol. 

After dinner we went to a crepe place and I mistakenly got the cheese cake one and on the way I had to take a shit SO badly. Note: I am probably more lactose than I want to be. 

It felt really good and warm to see everyone and just chill. It’s SUPER hard to get everyone’s schedule to match, it’s all worth it when we hang and just talk and catch up. 

My boys<3



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