The Great Wall


Today I went to go see The Great Wall because my boy Luhan is in it. I didn’t go in with an expectations because everyone said it sucks but I was really surprised when the movie was over. The movie wasn’t as bad as everyone says it was. Yes the storyline was a little predicable; the white guy comes and helps the Chinese people. But the acting was good and the CG was my favorite part!
People boycotted this movie because they said it followed the footsteps of avatar the last bender and dragon ball z’s live actions where they ‘white washed’ the movie. BUT The Great Wall is a fictional story directed by a Chinese directed that INTENDED for the main guy to be white. SO CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW THIS IS WHITE WASHED WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A WHITE GUY PLAYING THE ROLE AND NOT AN ASIAN. I can totally understand the other movies cause Ang and Goku was suppose to be Asian, so having white people play those roles were unfair. But this is different and people need to use their brains before they talk shit. This movie has a cast of 99% Chinese peoples. I think throughout the movie there was less than 10 non Asian characters, and half of them died in the beginning of the film.

Whatever, I can go on. But I just wanted to give my boy Luhan a big shout out cause he did GREAT. He didn’t have many lines but he was able to use his face and body language to convey what his character was thinking.
Props to him. I hope to see him on the big screen again!



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